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2023 Artist Bio and inspiration for their artwork

Kathleen Shay

Kathleen is a Bradford native, and graduate from Bradford Area High School in 2015. Following high school, she went to Edinboro University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019. Now she works at Floyd C. Fretz Middle School as the art teacher. While also teaching, she is earning her Masters of Art Education through Edinboro University.

Overlooking Guardian - She intended for this piece's inspiration to remain vague by explanation and allow the audience to form their own interpretation. One may view it as an angelic figure such as a guardian angel, while others may decide to view it as a motherly force of nature. She encourages the audience to form their own personal connection to the painting and find meaning for themselves within the image. This painting was based on a statue that can be found at the top of St. Bernard's cemetery, overlooking the hillside. The combination of nature and sturdiness of the statue may inspire the audience to form their own metaphors.

Anjalyn Fahy

Anjalyn graduated from Alfred University in 2017 with a degree in Fine Arts. Anjalyn prefers to work digitally, mostly creating digital paintings and illustrations. Occasionally, they work with traditionalmedia and prefer working with use charcoal, color pencils, or ink. Anjalyn is inspired by the horror genre, including movies, literature and other media. Currently, they are in the process of working on a horror graphic novel.


Let's just walk around the carnival and see what they have - The inspiration for this piece comes from childhood memories of county fairs and carnivals and Anjalyn's newfound interest in fairground art.

Rick Minard

Rick Minard was born and raised in North Western Pennsylvania and currently lives in Bradford, PA. His paintings appear in both private and public collections in Buffalo, New York, Huntington Beach, California, Guanajuato, Mexico and Geneva, Switzerland. He maintains an art studio in his home, and worked for many years as a graphic designer. He is now an adjunct professor, teaching art courses at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and Jamestown Community College. Rick is also a managing partner in the Allegheny Mountain Arts Gallery where he oversees exhibitions and community engagement. Rick's paintings range from abstract figurative and landscape images to non-representational expressions of hue and surface variation. He strives to find ways to integrate his experience and skills in commercial graphic design with his love of drawing and painting.  He is also a printmaker, specializing in lino-cut and fine art screen printing. But what he is known for are his unique woven paintings.  This process began as an assignment during his undergraduate studies. Being a painter, he chose to cut up two of his figure paintings and weave them together. This soon became his most notable process, exploring color, texture form and pattern. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1988.  He went on to earn his Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in Painting from Clarion University in 1997.  In 2010 he received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Over the years he has been accepted into numerous juried shows and has won such awards such as Best of Show and People’s Choice.

Solution Reimagined - This year Rick wanted to do a weaving. (The true style he's "known" for.) As many of his paintings go, they start off as one idea, but end up something completely different. Hence the title...

Greg Souchik

Greg has been involved with art since he was a child. Drawing, cartooning and painting as a youth kept his interest in art. As an adult he has worked in many medias but his paintings are usually realistic. Landscapes, still lifes or portraits, though he still likes his ventures into abstract. A variety of his work is displayed at he and Rick Minard's gallery "Allegheny Mountain Arts" on Main Street in Bradford, PA. He also has contributed his work to several local murals.

Super Nova - The vast unknown of space and the power and majesty of starts and galaxies.

Michelle Huber Chapman

Michelle loves art! She has some formal education in fine arts from Cazenovia College as part of her Design degree. She has "tinkered" for years with different mediums. In 2010 she began selling pen and ink drawings, which morphed into teaching painting classes for adults and children. She also taught watercolor classes and batiking as part of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford's Continuing Education curriculum. Wood burning has become a hobby she loves and is happy to be a part of Heart of the Arts this year.

Something Old is New Again - The amazing beauty of the Kinzua Sky Walk. This is one of the best "repurposed" projects she has ever seen.

ALexis Huber

Alexis started painting when she started college and realized she liked it and is better than she thought she would. She painted some in high school but nothing serious. She claims she is not the best at drawing/sketching, so painting helps her to add detail and make something look realistic. She doesn't have much time to paint now but enjoys being able to create a piece for Heart of the Arts each year.

Another Love - Inspired by her Nana and Papa's backyard that she grew up in. Her Aunt Michelle helped her think of it. She also wanted to do a scenery painting this year.

Thomas Seagren

Thomas has been drawing since before grade school. He majored in Studio Art at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a retired artist of 20 years from Zippo Manufacturing. He enjoys freelance work creating landscapes and house portraits. He began doing house portraits for people in 1986 starting with the historic Dresser home.

Yesterday and Today - Inspired by the buildings of Bradford, PA

Sara Frank

Sara is a Ridgeway native, and director of the Elk County Council on the Arts. While she would not describe herself as an artist, and certainly not a painter, she dabbles in painting (and all artistic mediums) with some frequency. Driven by the undeniable importance of art and creativity for youth development, mental health, and socialization, Sara considers herself an advocate for art accessibility and experiences in rural Pennsylvania.

Woodland Friends - Inspiration was born from recently researching images fora mural, where Sara became slightly obsessed with traditional Swedish floral shapes and designs. They're somehow chunky and light at the same time, which she finds delightful and relatable. She made stencils for shapes suggesting two of her favorite long-blooming native pollinators; Liatris and Bee Balm.

She could have chosen any animal to represent this part of Pennsylvania, but there has been a black bear exploring her neighborhood for a few weeks, and she would like to think the bear is coming around to check out how the gardens are growing and maybe to smell the flowers.

Brielle Litz Plaisted

Brielle is an artist with a little bit of experience in painting, having only a high school art class for training. As a young child, she won a jelly bean coloring contest that Gardners Candy store put out and has been creating art ever since! She has done paintings as gifts for others and has even had a chance to work on set painting for various theater productions. Other than that, she loves the chance to learn and grow and to have fun. She currently operates a small business, Bright Designs by B, creating macrame art in all kinds of creative ways.

Everyday is a New Beginning - ... which also includes letting go of yesterday. The sunrise promises us a new day in which God has given. Some days we might not always see that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We have the chance to continue on with our stories, every day we get that chance. Brielle states, "I'm so grateful that God gave us free will, to make our own decisions, but helps clean the slate and give us a fresh start each day because He loves us that much! Thank you Lord for reminding each of us by giving us the sunrise."

Kacy Huston

Kacy recieved a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Pratt Institute in 2016. From there, she traveled the country for a year doing volunteer work with AmeriCorps NCU. She spent three years living in Salt Lake City, UT. working as the Education and Warehouse Manager of a Non-Profit Creative Reuse Center. They worked with businesses, manufacturers and the public to divert materials going to the landfill that could be used in arts and crafts. Today, she lives in Bradford, PA. where she still creates art and works for her cousin, Marty Cummins with all of her amazing projects.

Prunus Serotina - This tree also known as wild black cherry is native to the woods of Pennsylvania. Kacy finds inspiration being out in our National Forest.

Diane Null

Having always loved art and history, Diane wanted to incorporate both in her painting this year. She enjoys all types of mediums from watercolor, acrylic, oil and graphite to create landscapes and portraits. Diane hopes to graduate with a B. A. degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, focusing on Art and Music in the spring of 2024. 

Harri Emery Airport - Diane works at the University of Pittsburgh Bradford Campus and her office is in the original Hangar Building that was built to house planes in the late 1920s.

Chloe Cujoh (nee. Houston)

Chloe has lived in Allegany for all her life, enjoying the slower pace of things and growing up with a deep love for mountains. They enjoy spending time in the Adirondacks as time allows, but nothing can replace the magic that exists in one of the worlds oldest mountain ranges, the Appalachian Mountains. Chloe is inspired by their partner, who is also an artist, but also by her great grandmother and her grandmother. Usually practicing fiber arts, Chloe doesn't paint often, but when she does, it helps her feel closer to she grandmother's memory.

Magic in the Alleghenies - Inspired by a warm summer night spend in Allegany State Park beneath the big dipper.

Elizabeth Dippold

Growing up in Elk County, Pa has given Liz a deep appreciation for the outdoors. As an artist, she is not only inspired by the beauty of nature, but also mechanical things; old trucks, rusty farm equipment, you name it! Country Chic Studio is her place to express her inspirations, in a traditional yet contemporary manner.  Creating artwork is her escape into the natural world without leaving her studio space. Liz is an art teacher in the Smethport school district and is also a member of the BCPAC Board of Directors. She hopes you enjoy her work!

Building a Legacy - Inspired by and celebrating the impact that Zippo has had on the community and the world. Bradford, PA is the proud home of the legend and legacy of the Zippo Corporation and founder George Blaisdell.

Shelley Steffey

Shelley has always found art to be an expression of her path to healing. The foundation of her work lay in the symmetry and sacred geometry that is reflected in the natural environment; connecting plants, crystals, animals, people, too. As a child Shelley spent many afternoons nestled beneath the trees, creekside in the beauty of the Allegheny National Forest. She would sit with sketchbook and pen and freely draw the energy of the elements, creatures and life that was near her. After graduating from Kane High School she went on to study Studio Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, continuing to do what she loved to spend her time doing (making art) and refining her studies in healing arts via yoga and meditation. Pursuing her passions she relocated from Western Pennsylvania to Western North Carolina to immerse herself in community focused on arts and health among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the last decade she has cultivated her art and mindfulness practice into curriculum, utilizing a holistic approach to teaching. She believes strongly in bringing mindfulness to all ages of classroom in order to foster resilience, emotional regulation, self awareness, and a powerful creative nature that draws out the natural gifts of each student.This particular piece represents a very cathartic time in Shelley’s professional and personal career. In May of 2021, Shelley was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, just nine months after giving birth to her first daughter. With immense strength, a loving partner, as well as family, friends, and community providing an immense amount of love and support, she is on the other side of treatments, surgery, and now cancer free.

Backyard Embodiments - This title suggests both a place and a way of being. Shelley's backyard is one of her favorite places of this forest we live inside. Connecting to outdoor spaces is a tremendous gift we give to our well being as humans on this earth. The components of this painting include the common wildflower Dame's Rocket, both a source of beauty and food, the swallowtail butterfly which dances with delight in the presence of this flower, and a baby black bear hanging from the crescent moon as the guardian and embodiment of ancestry that is the forest. Shelley states "we are so lucky to have such abundant/ incredible access to enjoy these blessings from Mother Nature." In the forest the embodiment of her divinity is everywhere.

Shannon Gitterman

Shannon is an awarding winning self-taught artist who is new to the area. As she says Senior Process Engineer by day, Artist at night. Originally from Western New York, art has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. She dabbles in all types of mediums- paint, wood, fiber arts, sculpture, etc. and finds inspiration in the oddest of places. Shannon is always looking for ways to challenge herself, a picture will form in her head and she will just go for it not knowing if it will work out or not, or give her random supplies to see what she can come up with (rarely does she use objects as they were intended to be used). Many of her works have been in exhibitions, offices and holiday signs in her front yard. Every piece that she does is colorful and with the intent to make you smile.

Out Fishing - It is amazing to Shannon all of the cool wildlife that we have in our waterways and the different species of trout there are.

Pamela Pedersen

Pamela has lived in Sheffield, PA her entire life. She is a retired registered nurse. She enjoys hand painting furniture and knitting using yarn from her alpacas. She also enjoys felting with alpaca fiber, as evidenced by brook trout scene! She enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors.

Working Man - This piece earned its title due to the well-worn leather gloves and boot. Industries requiring skilled manual labor are prevalent in the area... and much appreciated.

Kent Stearns Wilson

Kent didn't begin painting until his wife's passing in 2019. Although, he once had a note on his report card in the 5th grade that stated he was a great student but he drew too much. This is Kent's third year creating a piece for the Heart of the Arts.

Still Water

Curtis C. Anderson

Curt was raised in Sheffield, PA. While growing up Curt helped his father in his workshop, learning to carve with chisels and a mallet. As time progressed, chisels and mallets were replaced with Dremel tools and die grinders. This led to faster produced and more profitable hand carved one-of-a-kind pieces of art ranging from gunstocks to cabinets, headboards and doors. With demand for these carvings in Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina, he was able to sustain a living while raising 3 kids in Kane, PA. Now Curt still carves for pleasure but the Dremel tools and die grinders are being replaced by his 7 grandchildren and of course his wife, the love and joys of his life.

United Strength of America

Hannah Hooten

Hannah loves working with different kinds of media art, and has for most of her life. In recent years, however, she has developed a particular passion for painting sky-scapes and galaxies. Hannah started painting them during a time when she was very sick, and was confined to a wheelchair.  In the midst of being unable to live a normal life, it gave her a great sense of freedom to create an endless space of colors and stars. It took her back to the feeling she used to get when she would stargaze with her dad.  Hannah ended up fighting the illness for years, so she would paint herself something she could get lost in, as an escape from what she was going through. Hannah started selling her artwork as a freshman in high school, and quickly started working with her uncle, who does artist prints for a living. Since then, Hannah has been in many Art/Craft fairs, has a gallery set up on the “Pixel Point Artistry” website alongside other artists, and set up a small Facebook page called Ember Soul Art. Outside of online platforms, she has been selling prints, originals, and commissions by word of mouth whenever she travels. A couple of Hannah’s galaxy paintings ended up getting used by her Astronomy professor in college, as well as a couple other pieces being used for events around campus. Although Hannah painted her dream-worlds as an escape, she hopes that her paintings bring the dream-world to people instead. Hoping they get to bring a piece of magic into their world, and find what life could look like through a different lens. As well as hoping they can experience the peace and comfort, she has found in it, and that the beauty inspires them to create their own safe spaces wherever they go.

Glowing Elm - Hannah's inspiration for this painting is her mom. The tree itself is loosely based on an old Wych Elm in her parents' side yard, which is her mom's favorite. Her mom always talks about how when she stands underneath it she feels like she's in a little fairy garden with a bed of violets covering the floor. Hannah always loves painting fairtale-esque and whimsical pieces, and really watned to express that peaceful image she described. During the process, she started to lean into more qualities she feels when she is with her mom and the love that emanates from her. To Hannah, the tree feels strong, and gentle; life giving and peaceful, and flittered with quiet beauty.

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