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At the February 1, 1990 BCPAC board meeting, the Special Projects committee recommended to give an award for an individual or organization who supports the arts in the community. The board approved the idea and hence, the Bravo! Award was born. The Bravo! Award name retired in 2000 and was changed to the name the Jackie Award. This name was given in recognition of Bradford Native and World Renowned Opera Singer, Marilyn Horne "Jackie", and was awarded to her when she came to town in the spring of 2000.


2023 - Patricia Colosimo


Pictured left to right: Courtney Mealy, Director of Arts Programming UPB; Patricia Colosimo, Award Recipient; Darren Litz, Executive Director BCPAC; Fred Feightner, Past President BCPAC

2022 - Nanci K. Garris

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